This is like no weaving you’ve seen before.

What if you could pick up a book and learn how to transform your entire community in a single hour?

Gwendolyn Hallsmith, founder of the Headwaters Garden and Learning Center ecovillage, talks about how our money system has gotten out of balance and what it will take to get our world back on track.

Meet Jean Rossiaud, one of the masterminds behind Monnaie Léman, a new complimentary currency for the regions of Switzerland and France surrounding Lake Geneva.

What will it take to make air pollution a thing of the past? According to Kristian Lande, it’s all about decentralizing data.

Through the isolation of a pandemic, they found a way to bring the world together.

For folks in New York City’s public housing, the cost of living through a pandemic can be incredibly high.

What does it look like to put community participation at the center of sustainable development? Anna Cowen and John Ziniades talk through FLOW, a project that empowered underemployed youth in South Africa to map their community’s needs and assets, connect them through complimentary currencies, and unleash their creative power. (29m 00s)

Declan Kennedy is one of the early founders of the Global Ecovillage Network, empowering communities to grow in harmony with nature. (25m 41s)

Two preschool teachers share their experience as part of the Red for Ed statewide walkout in Arizona, where teachers had been underpaid and undervalued. (23m 52s)