The Future is in My Classroom | Leslie Owen and Kelsie Owen

Two preschool teachers share their experience as part of the Red for Ed statewide walkout in Arizona, where teachers had been underpaid and undervalued. They mold the future in their classrooms, so why doesn’t the state treat them like it? (23m 52s)

Partial Timeline of the Red for Ed movement in Arizona

Feb. 22, 2018: All 55 school districts in West Virginia shut down as teachers go on strike.

Mar. 4, 2018: Arizona teachers create Arizona Educators United Facebook group which connects over 49,000 members.

Mar. 21, 2018: Nine schools are forced to close as hundreds of teachers strike in the Pendergast Elementary School District.

Mar. 26, 2018: Hundreds of teachers in the Chandler Unified School District march in support of the Red for Ed movement.

Mar. 28, 2018: 2,500+ educators and supporters march on the state Capitol to demand a 20% pay raise and restoration of the education budget.

Apr. 11, 2018: Over 100,000 people from 1,100 schools across the state of Arizona show up for a “walk-in” demonstration to protest the working conditions of teachers.

Apr. 12, 2018: Arizona Governor Ducey makes a proposal for a 20% pay increase by 2020. Many feel the proposed measures don’t go far enough.

Apr. 26 – May 3, 2018: Over 1,000 schools across the state of Arizona close for six days in a historic walkout, including over 50,000 protestors.

May 3, 2018: Ducey signs into law a bill into law approving $273 million for pay raises.

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