Our Mission

Empower people to see and address the root causes of social and ecological destruction.

Fundamentally, Pod of Gold is meant to inspire creative activism and social innovation. We believe successful evolution of human society will require a profound transformation of the systems that shape our behavior. Primary among these is our economic system.

Our goal is to investigate experts and activists to identify linkages between the systems we take for granted every day, like our monetary system, and rapidly accelerating environmental and social erosion.  We also aim to highlight promising new tools (mental models, collaborative platforms, integrative practices, methods of production and consumption, new types of exchange) that could lead us to a more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable future.

Our Values

Inclusion: We believe everyone should have the knowledge they need to survive, contribute, and thrive. We provide accessible, affordable products and programs for everyone, especially for people in marginalized communities.

Empowerment: We provide the building blocks for social and economic literacy, including the systems thinking necessary to participate in, and help create, the future of society.

Innovation: We believe radical transformation of social and economic systems is both inevitable and necessary for human survival. Our products and programs prepare next-generation leaders to design new systems that include and empower everyone.

Interdependence: Our society is largely fueled by the pursuit of self-interest, often without regard for the interests of others. We aspire to foster societal systems that account for interconnected interests, build common resources, and ensure stewardship of happy humans on a healthy planet.