Chinook Off the Hook | Kurt Beardslee

These fish need some friends. In this episode, we speak with Kurt Beardslee, executive director of the Wild Fish Conservancy in Duvall, WA. We ask Kurt about the current threats to dwindling Chinook salmon populations and what we can do to protect essential, life-giving species of fish. In the world of ‘sustainably’ caught fish, things aren’t always what they seem. (37m 26s)

Kurt’s Bio

Kurt Beardslee is a co-founder of the Wild Fish Conservancy and has been the organization’s Executive Director for the past 29 years. As director Kurt oversees a professional staff of 21 individuals with a wide variety of technical and scientific disciplines. Over the years he has enjoyed working with staff on a variety of wild fish issues, from Central California to Northern Alaska. Previously Kurt worked as an art director in an advertising agency producing educational films for the National Science Foundation. For recreation he enjoys boating, fishing and exploring the remote coastal fjords of northern Canada with his wife Candace and his dog Wally.

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