Our Global Family | Evelin Lindner

Nobel nominee Dr. Evelin Lindner is best known for her work on human dignity. As part of her lifestyle, however, she also tries to live without money as much as she possibly can. Mel and Steff got curious about that choice and how it helps her spread her message of love. (37m 19s)


Evelin Gerda Lindner (born May 13, 1954, in Hameln, Germany) is a German-Norwegian medical doctor, psychologist, transdiciplinary scholar and author who is known for her theory of humiliation. Lindner is originally a physician and a clinical psychologist and holds doctorates in both social medicine and social psychology. Her research focuses on human dignity, and she believes that the humiliation of honor and dignity may be among the strongest obstacles on the way to a decent world community. She founded the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies network. Born in Germany, she is now mainly based in Norway, where she has partially lived since 1977. She has also lived in a number of other countries, including Egypt during most of the 1980s, and is an advocate of global citizenship.

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