Open Source Earthling | Jean-François Noubel

Jean-François Noubel calls himself an ‘open source earthling’. Though he lives in France, he considers his true home to be within himself. Like a turtle. And though he lives within a market economy, he chooses to live as much as he can in a gift economy instead, without money. But why? As a researcher of collective intelligence, Jean-Francois sees currency as the tool that informs the design of human society. He believes we have to expand our concept of wealth and redesign the currencies that connect us to create economics systems that are fair, civil, and transparent. (34m 08s)

Jean-François’ Bio

Jean-François Noubel has the life of a researcher and an adventurer. As a researcher, he manages CIRI — the Collective Intelligence Research Institute — in charge of scientific research for this new discipline, and its practical application through technology and methodology. As an adventurer, he travels the planet to meet, learn and exchange with Humans, the world and nature. Always wondering how tomorrows Human will live his outer and inner life, Jean-Franois sees himself as his first research lab, which leads to adopting a lifestyle that may seem sometimes quirky for his contemporary fellows. He always enjoys sharing his learning, the joys and the sorrows, the successes and the failures. Jean-Franois has notably chosen to live in the gift economy.

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