Entries by Mel Wymore

We’re All Economists Now | Kate Raworth

A functioning economy should allow human life AND our planet to flourish, shouldn’t it? Take a bite out of Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics as she walks Mel and Steff through her vision of a balanced economic model. (26m 49s)

Poverty is an Industry | Polly Spain

Polly Spain is president of her tenant association in a public housing development in New York’s Upper West Side. Join Mel and Stef as they step into Polly’s world and learn about the mechanisms that keep urban communities poor. (20m 56s)

Our Global Family | Evelin Lindner

As part of her lifestyle, Nobel nominee Dr. Evelin Lindner tries to live without money as much as she possibly can. Mel and Steff got curious about that choice and how it helps her spread her message of love. (37m 19s)

It Was Money All Along | Mel Wymore

Pod of Gold host, Mel Wymore, takes us through 30 years of community activism in New York City that led him to an important realization about making a more lasting impact: tackling societal structures, especially our money system. (8m 37s)

Welcome to Pod of Gold

Worried about climate chaos, inequality, and conflict? Podcast hosts, Mel and Steff, want to introduce you to the people out there who are making a difference. (1m 36s)